Informed customers ask the right questions, have a good attitude toward the process, and always wind up spending more.
— PJ Strain, Owner, Pure Wine Cafe

Focusing on value for money, winery reputation, type of variety and tracking customer preference are all critical factors that respondents considered when selecting wines and when recommending wines to customers.
— Collins School of Hospitality
The [digital wine lists] inspired customers to ask better questions; there was a ‘deeper discussion’ between [wine] stewards and diners.
— The Wall Street Journal

Imagine being seated in a restaurant and being handed an iPad instead of a printed menu. This device shows you the entire food and drink menu, tells you about wines available, allows you to search and filter through the menu, keeps tack of food and beverages you've had, and gives you wine recommendations based on your personal preferences and shows you food-pairing suggestions.



Even more, it lets you know what your friends and family are drinking and eating and what they like--all giving you the power to never order a bad meal again. With VinTouch, restaurants will increase their wine, beverage, and food sales as well as their patronage by simplifying and reinvigorating the ordering process for guests, making it a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


Restaurants represent an experience for the diner. People go out not only to be served food, but also to enjoy the atmosphere and to socialize. Restaurant owners agree that the ability to better connect with their patrons will lead to a long-lasting relationship and higher sales. The ability to increase customer knowledge while creating a more informed staff and better inventory management and ordering systems are all key areas that can be better addressed, thereby increasing your bottom line!