K's The Creator 2009

The wine: 2009 The Creator, K Vintners, Cab/Syrah Blend, Walla Walla Valley, Washington State


It's the time to sit down, uncork a bottle, and enjoy the culmination of thousands of years of somebody else's hard work (as we have plenty of our own). This is K Vintners' The Creator (http://www.kvintners.com), and it is just heavenly. Okay, all puns aside, this wine is so good it's a sin. The first thing you notice about it is that the label is simple, intriguing, and a bit naughty. The second thing you notice is either the uncanny weight of the bottle or the glass shards all over the floor because you didn't expect the thing to be so darn heavy. You'll undoubtedly notice your buzz, as the ABV of this guy is 14.5%. The Syrah dominates the nose, and the jammy, ripe spiciness is soon followed by a cleansing acidity that leads into a long, earthy finish. We could see this pairing well with a grilled lamb medallion coated in a red wine reduction jam...or a cheeseburger with some pungent cheese, your choice.

International Wine Report rated this wine in their top ten wines of 2011 (95 points), and we'd have to agree completely. It's experiences like this that make what we do so awesome and fulfilling--sitting around with friends, checking out what the world of wine has to offer, imagining how great that lamb would taste right now...it all makes sense. Speaking of, 5sense has a lot of cool stuff on the horizon, so check back later for more happenings!

Tucker Max may hope they serve beer in hell, but we know this wine will be awaiting us at the pearly gates.